Feet and Ankles

Your feet and ankles keep you on the move. When they can’t take you where you want to go, our experts can get you back on track.

Foot and ankle injuries and conditions

You’ll find high-quality care for a wide range of foot and ankle problems, including:

Find information about common foot pain and problems.

Have you been injured through sports or exercise? Check out our sports medicine services.

Ankle replacement

If you’ve tried other treatments, you may have reached the point where an ankle replacement is the best solution. Our specialists can help you recover and return to normal activity.

Learn more about our joint replacement services.

Foot and ankle treatments and therapies

You benefit from a team of skilled professionals, including specialists in orthopedics and podiatry, who collaborate on the best treatment for you. Whether you need medication and therapy or surgery and rehabilitation, you’ll find compassionate care for all your needs.

Our services to help you heal and overcome pain include:

Feet and Ankles | SCL Health | Brighton, CO

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