Cancer Provider and Patient

Cancer Care Patient Stories

Let the people we’ve helped inspire you with stories of strength, healing and hope. At Platte Valley Medical Center, we've helped thousands. These are just a few.

"I had a special 'village' of professionals through my cancer journey. My very essential village includes Dr. Onwere, who is an excellent oncologist and he is making sure that I continue to survive; the kind and compassionate nurses and techs and reception staff who carried out my treatment and diagnostic testing; physical therapist who are helping me improve my physical mobility..."  Robin

"The people here at the hospital are real positive and keep it positive and upbeat, knowing you're going to do well. That's a good thing to have." Gene

"Tammy, the nurse navigator. who I was in constant contact with, walked me through everything, answered every question I had, helped me understand everything that was being said to me." Deanna


Through resources like the Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation, we bring together patients, survivors and the community to offer hope and healing to many. You are not alone.




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