To request a chaplain visit, ask your care provider or call.
Catholic healthcare embraces the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of the person.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care can nurture your soul and give you hope and courage when you or your family faces a challenging situation. Our beloved chaplains offer support, guidance and simple companionship to you and those you love, no matter what your personal or religious beliefs.

Platte Valley Medical Center embraces the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of each person. This makes our chaplain an important member of our patient-centered support team.

Grief support

If you or your loved ones face difficult life changes and loss, the chaplain is available to be a source of comfort in your time of need. Please reach out to the hospital chaplain for more information about grief and bereavement support.

Requesting a chaplaincy visit

Our chaplain is available day or night to serve patients, family members, associates, volunteers and physicians. You may request a visit at any time you wish.

Visiting clergy

Spiritual care is an important part of the healing process. You are welcome to invite your regular clergy member to visit you in the hospital. If your clergy member or another designated representative is unavailable, our chaplain can provide support or contact another spiritual leader from your faith tradition.

Chaplain support

Our chaplain is professionally trained to offer spiritual and emotional support during difficult times. During a visit, the chaplain may ask about you, your story and what matters most to you. They may ask how important spirituality is to you and which rituals and prayers you find meaningful. Chaplains can help you cope with fear, loneliness, grief, health issues, relationship difficulties or other life challenges. Our chaplain can be present with you as you communicate with other members of your care team. 

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