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Charity is certainly greater than any rule. Moreover, all rules must lead to charity. – St. Vincent de Paul

Community Benefit and Community Health Improvement

Inspired by our faith, SCL Health addresses the most serious health-related needs of those who are poor and vulnerable. In 2017, SCL Health contributed more than $259 million in community benefit and touched more than 295,898 lives. How? By working together with providers, employees, partners and members of the community to break down barriers and enhance access to care, greatly improving the overall health of the communities we serve.

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

2018 Community Health Needs Assessment Executive Summary

2019 Community Health Improvement Plan


2016 Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy

Platte Valley Medical Center (PVMC) is a community hospital in Brighton, Colorado dedicated to improving the health of our community. In so doing, we worked with community partners to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in 2016. The goal for the CHNA was to determine current and future healthcare needs in the PVMC service area and to identify gaps in services to improve healthcare in the surrounding regions.

The CHNA featured extensive background research, including:

  • Demographic analysis and literature review
  • A survey reflecting the input of community members who may visit PVMC
  • Interviews and focus groups with healthcare and public health professionals

 The research identified unmet needs for healthcare in our service area. Key findings for this CHNA included gaps in three main areas: (1) mental health; (2) substance abuse; and (3) heart disease and stroke. In late 2016, PVMC developed a Strategic Implementation Plan the fill the gaps outlined by the CHNA. Key points of the plan included the following:

  • Use community benefit investments toward the greatest areas of impact to achieve our mission
  • Use intervention strategies and work towards sustainability during program development
  • Encourage innovation pilots that can address “dual” or disparate health needs
  • Expand collective impact opportunities by engaging multi-sector partnerships
  • Improve community engagement by highlighting community impact stories, increasing digital communications and attention to diversity and inclusion initiatives
Learn more about our 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment and our 2016 Community Health Implementation Plan for PVMC.

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