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Platte Valley Medical Center Campaign for Ambulance Services

Did you know?

  • Platte Valley Ambulance Service responds to more than 6,000 calls a year – and this number is growing!
  • PVMC is the only emergency medical response available to people living within 1,000 square miles
  • Every minute a cardiac arrest patient isn’t treated, their survival rate falls 7 – 10%
  • Platte Valley Ambulance Service provides care for one of the fastest growing communities in Colorado

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Why is there a need for community support?

Platte Valley Ambulance Service (PVAS) does not receive funding from taxpayers or federal grants as other agencies do. It relies solely on funding from the hospital and the Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation to provide annual Paramedic and EMT training and state-of-the-art equipment. The team at Platte Valley are highly trained and qualified to assess, resuscitate, stabilize and provide intensive care to patients in the field and upon arrival to the Emergency Room. Treatment in the first 2 hours of a heart attack can prevent 85 percent of heart damage. And according to the American Heart Association, survival can be as high as 90 percent if treatment is initiated within the first minutes after sudden cardiac arrest.

Our community is growing!

PVAS provides care to one of the fastest growing communities in Colorado. In order to continue to provide lifesaving care, a new ambulance with the latest safety technology to better serve our community is needed. Platte Valley ambulances respond to more than 6,000 calls each year – and this number is growing.

More on the campaign . . .

Platte Valley is an accredited stroke, chest pain and level III trauma center who owns its own Ambulance Service. In Colorado this is unique because only 5% of licensed ambulance services are owned by hospitals. These services provide a crucial lifeline for our community. As first responders, the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic teams are highly trained to provide care for our stroke, cardiac and trauma patients in the field. Therefore, it is important to continue training our teams and providing state-of-the-art equipment for use in our community.

Donate to the Ambulance Campaign

Please contact Carolyn Jannsen, PVMC Foundation Executive Director at 303-498-3630 for more information on the campaign.

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