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Day Treatment

The day treatment program at Mount Saint Vincent serves children ages five to 13, primarily in the Denver Metro area. All children enrolled in the day treatment program receive individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy per their therapeutic needs.

Children in day treatment receive creative arts therapy (art, movement, and music) and recreation and, when appropriate, specialty therapies (EMDR and animal-assisted). The day treatment program also provides psychiatric services and consultation for each child in the program.

Children in day treatment are enrolled in our Sister Daniel Stefani on-grounds school, where trained special education teachers teach them. The school is licensed by the North Central Association: Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and considers academic and developmental levels when providing services for the children. Each child is served breakfast before school.

The goals of day treatment are to provide quality therapeutic services for children who have significant trauma, neglect, and mental health issues. Mount Saint Vincent strives to work with children, parents, or referral sources to empower them to succeed in the least restrictive setting possible.

Day treatment provides a therapeutic milieu designed to move children towards emotional health and eventually be successful in a public school setting. Upon discharge, Mount Saint Vincent may provide in-home or outpatient therapy if appropriate.

Services are offered year-round.

For more information about this program, call 303-318-1758.

Sister Daniel Stefani K-8 School

Children who have experienced trauma or abuse early in their lives often have a challenging time in school. The trauma or neglect, especially in the first four years of life, can affect brain organization self-regulation and impede a child's ability to understand how they feel or express what they think.

The K-8 educational program is designed for children ages five through 13 who need either day treatment, residential, or a school-only program in an on-grounds school. Classrooms can hold up to 10 students with a special education teacher and educational, mental health worker in each class. Additional services include recreational therapy, Title One math and reading, computers, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and music, art and movement groups.

School Social Workers provide ongoing effective education through The Zones of Regulation, BASE Education, and Positive Behavior Intervention support. The school is designed to provide a consistent, well-structured education and behavioral management system that focuses on a child's skill level, learning style, cognitive ability, and developmental degree of socialization.

An individualized education or learning plan is developed for each child. The teaching staff and clinical teams determine academic, behavioral, and treatment goals. The child is involved in the process and is responsible for their goals and services are offered year-round.

For more information about this program, call 303-318-1758.

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