Mount Saint Vincent

Foster Care and Foster Adopt

Mount Saint Vincent offers two foster programs: Foster Care and Foster Adopt.

  • A foster care family meets the daily needs of children who are without a safe home. The length of stay may range from overnight to a few years.
  • A foster adopt family is open to adopting children who are in foster care. Children may be legally available for adoption at the time of placement, or the placement may be “legal risk,” meaning that reunification may still be an option.

If you are interested in helping to support other foster families but are not necessarily ready for the placement of a child, you may want to consider becoming a respite care family. A respite care family helps other Mount Saint Vincent foster families by caring for that family’s foster child(ren) for a few hours to a few days. Respite care families go through the same training and certification process as a foster care family.

To help you succeed as a foster family, our experienced staff provide the following supportive services:

  • Case management assistance, including home visits
  • Respite care
  • Numerous training opportunities
  • 24-hour emergency access to agency staff
  • Monthly foster care support group
  • Monthly foster care stipend
  • Referrals to therapeutic and other supportive services
  • Foster family liability coverage

For more information on becoming a foster care or foster adopt family, contact Melissa Maile at 303-318-1704.

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