Working at St. Mary’s Medical Center

At St. Mary’s Medical Center, we provide advanced care with a personal touch. When you join our team, you’re part of a trusted community partner that’s changing the lives of your family, friends and neighbors in Western Colorado.

Culture and community

Those of us who work at St. Mary’s Medical Center are part of a family, tied together in our compassion for providing care to our patients and serving our community. We come together with the common understanding that our patients are not strangers, but neighbors and friends. When you join us, no matter what role you play, you become a valued, trusted partner on whom we depend to heal and thrive.

A leader in healthcare

St. Mary’s Medical Center provides some of the most advanced care available for hundreds of miles to residents of western Colorado and eastern Utah. From our trauma center and medical air transport to our neonatal intensive care and numerous medical specialists, we provide a high level of care close to home that keeps people from having to travel to major cities for such services. But it’s not the technology or the skills that set us apart. It’s our personal, friendly care, made possible by people like you.

Living in Grand Junction and Mesa County

There aren’t too many places as beautiful as western Colorado, from the breathtaking sunsets across our mesas to the snow-capped Rockies on the distant horizon. Those of us who live here have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, and the community of Grand Junction focuses on the fact that life is meant to live fully. At St. Mary’s Medical Center, we respect this by encouraging our employees to seek work-life balance and enjoy time outside, with family and friends, and serving others.

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