SCL Health Medical Group - Montana Orthopedics


The trauma team from SCL Health Medical Group - Montana Orthopedics are committed to providing an orthopedic trauma service that ensures optimal, timely care for all patients. Accidents happen everyday and more than half of all patients admitted to the trauma center have musculoskeletal injuries. Providing immediate care minimizes complications and optimizes a patient’s ultimate outcome. If further treatment is indicated following the initial intervention, our trauma center promises to assemble the best team of specialized physicians for ongoing orthopedic care. The trauma team does not consider their job complete until the entire rehabilitation process is concluded.

Orthopedic Trauma and Fracture Care are specialized areas of orthopedics. Most often involving the treatment of broken bones or fractures, the practice of trauma and fracture care requires rapid evaluation and treatment of injuries and, in some cases, several substantial injuries on one patient. Our physicians are dedicated to treating patients who have suffered traumatic injuries as a result of an accident, fall or collision.

The trauma team at Montana Orthopedics are the front line of care for patients who suffer musculoskeletal injuries due to trauma. Our services include both surgical and non-surgical intervention for the treatment of fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue repair and reconstruction. In addition to stabilization of acute trauma; we specialize in treating non-unions and mal-unions, including cases that require deformity correction. We offer a progressive plan of care in an effort to fully restore each patient to their pre-injury condition.

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