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Adult Care Services and Treatments

A primary care provider is just that – the first person you go to for health questions and concerns. When you choose one of our primary care providers, you form a relationship with someone who knows your history and is here for you, year after year.

Adult care and medicine

Our internal medicine doctors specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions and diseases in adult care and medicine. This means you get the specialized expertise you need. We offer a full-range of healthcare and wellness services for patients 18 years and older. We’ll help you through each stage of adulthood and the regular exams and screenings recommended along the way.

What we offer

We follow a person and family centered approach to care at SCL Health Medical Group – Midtown. Our expertly-trained providers are skilled in all aspects of medicine with an emphasis on the evaluation and treatment of the person as a whole. We treat established patients, or those seen here within the last three years, and new patients, those who have not received care at this clinic within the last three years. Our offerings are specific to the expertise at our clinic and include the following:

  • Adult physical – You are 18 and above and need an annual physical, work physical, or well woman exam. This appointment often includes immunizations, screening tests, and health risk assessments. We do offer DOT physicals.
  • Follow-up appointment – A routine examination of an adult patient after medical or surgical treatment.
  • Men’s wellness care – A routine examination, also known as an adult physical, focusing on healthcare designed specifically for men.
  • Office visit – An appointment to discuss and diagnose specific symptoms.
  • Well women exams – A routine examination, also known as an adult physical, focusing on healthcare designed specifically for women.

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