Cancer Provider and Patient

Colorectal cancer detection and diagnosis

Early developing colorectal cancer doesn’t cause many noticeable symptoms. It’s usually discovered during recommended colonoscopy screenings done as part of preventive care. If your doctor finds something suspicious during this screening, or if you have symptoms of colorectal cancer, such as a rectal bleeding, blood in your stool, cramping / abdominal pain or severe fatigue and weakness, your doctor will recommend tests to find the cause.

You’ll usually be referred to our advanced imaging services and may need blood tests, an endorectal ultrasound or a biopsy. A pathologist, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing disease, will look at your cell samples to identify the presence of cancer and determine its type and whether it’s noninvasive or invasive.

Read about colonoscopy and our imaging services.

In some instances, genetic testing may be offered. Learn more about genetic counseling and testing.

Innovative techniques and technologies

We target colorectal cancers with some of the most advanced treatments and technology available. In the hands of our experts, tools such as these can lead to optimal results and improved survival rates. Throughout our system, our advanced offerings include:

  •  da Vinci® robot – A robotic surgical system designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. This system enables surgeons to make smaller, more precise movements with tiny instruments inside your body, which can help you heal more quickly.
  • TrueBeam– A medical device that delivers a radiation beam to target cancer while exposing healthy cells to minimal radiation. No incisions are made; the noninvasive device rotates around the patient, delivering the radiation dose from different angles.

You will need to call your local hospital to learn which of these options are available in your area.

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