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There are many kinds of cancer, but when you get a diagnosis, there’s only one that truly matters - yours.

The body is made up of various kinds of cells, which normally divide in an orderly way to produce more cells when they are needed. Cancer is a group of diseases - more than 100 types - that occur when cells become abnormal and divide without control or order.

When cells divide and new cells are not needed, too much tissue is formed. This mass of extra tissue, called a tumor, can be benign or malignant.

  • Benign tumors:
    • Are not cancer
    • Can usually be removed
    • Are rarely a threat to life
    • Do not come back in most cases
    • Do not spread to other parts of the body and the cells do not invade other tissues
  • Malignant tumors:
    • Are cancer
    • May be a threat to life
    • Can invade and damage nearby tissues and organs
    • Metastasize - cancer cells can break away from a malignant tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system to form secondary tumors in other parts of the body

Cancers we treat

We treat all cancers regardless of type and stage, including:

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