Lutheran Medical Center

Wound Care Therapy

If your wound hasn’t healed after 30 days, it’s time to seek treatment.

Chronic wound treatment options

We treat all types of chronic (non-healing) wounds. Our wound care team uses advanced therapies to help you heal, including:

  • Casts – Leg and foot casts prevent further damage to the skin around ulcers to ensure they heal properly.
  • Compression therapy – Patients wear compression stockings that are designed to increase blood flow and improve circulation in the ankles and legs to treat venous insufficiency ulcers.
  • Debridement – We remove dead tissue from wounds to help them heal.
  • Medication – Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics to treat your wound.
  • Negative pressure wound therapy – Also called wound vac, we use vacuum suction to draw fluid from the wound through a special dressing connected to a pump.
  • Skin graft – Our surgeons remove skin from one part of your body and transplant it to replace the skin around a non-healing wound.

In addition to these treatments, we’ll provide educational resources to help you keep wounds clean and free from infection at home.

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