Trauma Surgery

When the worst happens, you need the best care available. That's where our trauma surgeons come in. They are trained to handle anything that comes through our emergency room doors. They are here to treat the most severely injured patients and give them the best chance at recovery.

Our trauma surgeons are responsible for resuscitating and stabilizing patients admitted through our ER. Once stable, our trauma experts evaluate the injuries and decide on a course of treatment. Often these injuries need surgery, but not always. During any surgery, our surgeons manage the patient as well as the surgical and post-surgical care teams.

What we offer

Trauma surgery is an enhanced type of surgery that treats those injured:

  • By unforeseen activity-related injuries
  • In car, bicycle or motorcycle accidents
  • Through trips and falls
  • While skiing or snowboarding 

To help you heal faster and more completely, we approach treatment as a team. We want you to be confident in our plan for treatment and surgery, if necessary. We routinely provide surgical care for and specialize in trauma surgeries, such as:

  • Abdominal trauma
  • Digestive & GI trauma
  • Head and neck trauma
  • General trauma
  • Thoracic and chest trauma

Your trauma surgeon is often responsible for prioritizing which of your injuries needs treatment first. Then he or she determines the order of the diagnostic and operative procedures you need.

Your surgeon cares for you after surgery, ensuring you have proper support during recovery, rehabilitation, and discharge.

Specialty surgeons are often used for specific specialties and conditions or to aid your trauma surgeon. These specialty surgeons include:

  • Neurosurgeons who treat nervous systems and spinal cord injuries
  • Ophthalmology surgeons who treat eye injuries
  • Orthopedic surgeons who treat skeletal injuries
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons who treat facial and soft tissue injuries
  • Vascular surgeons who treat heart and vascular injuries

Working together allows us to provide exceptional trauma care every hour of every day.

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