Senior Surgical Care

Our Senior Surgery Center provides unequalled care for our senior surgical patients. It is currently the only comprehensive and multidisciplinary center in Colorado, designed and dedicated to our senior patients.

How is senior surgical care different?

We believe there is a need for safe, high-quality, patient-centered surgical care for the senior adult. Our center focuses on meeting your unique physiological and social needs and unique care goals.

Benefits of senior surgery

Surgery can place a great deal of stress on your body regardless of your age; we want to make it easier for you to get the care and attention you need. When you select us, you are choosing:

  • Dedicated surgery area for seniors
  • Care tailored to seniors’ needs
  • Personalized education and recovery plans
  • Senior amenities such as soft lighting, Wi-Fi and TV, reading glasses, magnifiers and pocket talkers for the hearing impaired
  • A safe, private and peaceful environment
  • Designated parking close to the hospital
  • Specially trained nursing staff with an expertise in senior care

Surgery education

Whether you’re scheduled for your first operation or you’ve had others in the past, surgery is a major event. That’s why we help you know what to expect, focus on your comfort, and communicate openly with you and your loved ones.

  • Before surgery, a nurse will call you at home or speak to you during pre-admission testing to review any chronic health conditions and medications, explain what to expect the day of surgery, and create a recovery plan specifically tailored for you.
  • During your procedure, we take special precautions to protect your delicate skin, fragile joints and bones. We carefully monitor your anesthesia and medications to ensure safety and comfort. We circulate heated air through your gown to keep you warm and use gel packs to cushion your body.
  • After your procedure, to help ease your recovery, we give you extra time to recuperate in a peaceful environment. Our nurses will explain what you need to do to make a seamless return home or to another care setting. Once you’ve left the hospital, a nurse will call to make sure you are doing well and your needs are being met.

Learn more about what to expect when you have surgery with us.

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