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Determine if you need a sleep study

What to Expect – Sleep Center

You will have a private, luxury suite at our sleep center with an adjustable memory foam bed (soft or firm). Each room is equipped with individualized temperature control, a TV, desk, nightstand, small personal item safe, reading lamp, private en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower, sink, toilet and aromatherapy upon request.

Our sleep technologist will get you ready for your sleep study and walk you through good sleep hygiene and proven steps to a good night’s rest.

After the study, a specialized sleep physician will interpret your sleep study and make recommendations.

How we prepare you for a sleep study

Because everyone’s situation is different, we’ll create an individualized plan for your sleep study based on your sleeping patterns and schedule. To help you stay as close to your routine as possible, we conduct day and night sleep studies, and where available, home sleep studies.

Our team will provide specific instructions once you schedule your appointment. We may suggest changes to your sleeping habits, caffeine intake or medications before your sleep study. Most sleep studies require at least six hours of observation to arrive at a proper diagnosis.

Follow-up care for better sleep

After your study, you can expect to have results sent to your ordering physician in about one to two weeks. Some studies can be interpreted and sent to your order physician sooner if there is an urgent need.

After implementing the recommended therapies and changes to sleeping habits, we’re available to answer questions and help set up healthy sleeping routines.

Paying for sleep studies and insurance

Most insurance companies cover sleep studies. However many insurance companies prefer a home sleep apnea study (HSAT) to be completed prior to considering the need for an in-lab sleep study.

There are times when an in-lab center sleep study is necessary over a home study; for example, higher risk patients with comorbidities, high oxygen requirement, etc. When a physician has placed an order, our team will work with your insurance to identify which route is best for you and your sleep disturbance testing. We also accept self pay and will work with you and your needs.

How to get a sleep study scheduled

Sleep studies require a doctor’s referral. Talk to your primary doctor or find a doctor near you to get started.

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