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Meet Our OB Navigators

HaydenLeanne Hayden, RN, OB Navigator
“Are you ready to have your baby?” I remember people asking me that question as I was approaching my due date with my first child. I remember thinking to myself are you ever really ready to have a baby? This is why I am truly passionate about the OB Nurse Navigator program. Being a nurse for over 15 years and a mother of two, I want to help ease those fears and anxieties that may come with bringing a baby into your family. During your one-on-one appointment, we will complete your admission information, talk about what your ideal birth looks like, and ensure you are as prepared as can be when you arrive in labor. One of my favorite parts about this program is getting to know you and your family. I love being able to show families what great care they will receive when they come to Lutheran and why this is the best place to welcome their baby into their family. I look forward to meeting you and your family and helping guide you through your pregnancy journey. 
SwansonBecky Swanson, RN, OB Navigator
I am honored to have at Lutheran for nearly 20 years! I absolutely love caring for parents and their precious newborns. It is a privilege and joy connecting with the families I care for. Prior to welcoming our first son into our family, I attended the many engaging childbirth prep classes through SCL Health. They were all wonderful! One of my nursing passions is patient education, and I am delighted to assist first time expectant parents or parents new to Lutheran, guiding them through their anticipated delivery and clarifying the wonderful services Lutheran provides, while answering any questions they have in their last month of pregnancy. I gave birth to all of my three children within the SCL Health system, and I experienced exceptional nursing care each visit by expert nursing staff. I am grateful to be part of the OB Nurse Navigator team. Lutheran will make every effort to accommodate your personal birth vision for the delivery of your newborn. 
Wollenzin_L_0001_retLisa Wollenzin, RN, OB Navigator
I have been a Registered Nurse for 34 years. As a new graduate, I worked on a surgical/oncology unit. After my first baby was born I decided to change things up a bit and work in OB. I have worked in labor and delivery since 1990, and at Lutheran since 1997. I vividly remember touring the labor and delivery unit, 30 years ago, before delivering my first baby. SO foreign. SO mysterious. What I would have given to have had an OB Navigator to discuss this exciting, scary journey with. Both of my deliveries were wonderful experiences, memories of which I will never forget. I believe this Navigator role will help women, their partners, and their families to prepare for their upcoming births and alleviate some of the unknown and some of the fear and make their birth experience the most amazing experience possible.
Wood_K_008Kim Wood, RN, OB Navigator
I have been a nurse for more than 35 years, over 20 of those as a nurse at Lutheran, and women’s health has been my passion since beginning my nursing career in the Army Nurse Corps. I have four grown children and was blessed to see my first grandchild born at Lutheran. Experiencing a pregnancy, labor, and birth from the eyes of both a nurse and a grandmother has added to my perspective of women at this very special time in their lives. I have watched the OB Navigator program grow and become an invaluable asset to women and their support systems. It is a privilege to help guide women throughout this process and facilitate the ease of a beautiful, yet unpredictable, birthing experience. I hope all women take advantage of this free and individualized service. 
OnstotTJenn Onstott, Administrative Assistant
There is nothing quite like the journey of welcoming a child into your life. I have had the pleasure of assisting expecting parents through this amazing transition since 2012 as the administrative assistant for The Baby Place at Lutheran. Whether I’m assisting expecting parents with questions about all the options and services available when giving birth at Lutheran, helping them schedule appointments for car seat checks, OB Navigator appointments, and Lactation consultations, or a reassuring face to accompany expecting parents to check in when it is time to give birth, I absolutely love what I do! My work experience, knowledge acquired from my degree in sociology, and my personal experience giving birth to my two boys at Lutheran gives me a profound appreciation for the life transition that happens within these walls. Becoming a parent is an extraordinary and unique adventure regardless of whether it’s for the first or fifth time, and I am honored to be a part of yours. 

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