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Comforting care with aromatherapy at Lutheran Medical Center.

Integrative Medicine Education and Support

Take a holistic approach to your health with steps to manage your stress, improve mindfulness and pursue activities that promote wellness. We’re committed to providing the education and resources you need.

Wellness and support programs

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and lectures on topics such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, weight management, tobacco cessation and personal growth. Not all locations have all offerings. For a full list of classes and events, including dates and any costs, please use our Classes Calendar to search for a class, workshop or lecture at a hospital near you.

Explore programs for health and well-being.

Reducing stress

Are you stressed out? We offer programs and education to help you manage it.

For a full list of stress reduction programs, including dates and any costs, please use our Classes Calendar to search for a program at a hospital near you.

Take our stress quiz.

Learn about the stress-reducing benefits of yoga.


Learn how nutrition and food choices affect your health with our online health library. You can also explore our collection of healthy recipes.

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  • Robert I Kawasaki, MD

    Specialty: Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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