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Birth, Baby and Parenting

Learn more about which of our pregnancy education and baby care classes is right for you. Need help? Call 303-689-4595


The Baby Place at Lutheran Tour
Come experience the Lutheran Difference where we provide skilled care for all types of births.


Birth Center Preparation
Planning to give birth in one of our newly-renovated Birth Center suites? This class prepares you for a family-centered, low-intervention birth center experience with the safety net of the hospital. In order to attend this class, you must have completed the Birth Center Screening Process by calling Betsy De Leon at 303-425-8443.
150x90LatinoCouplePregnant Birth Center Preparation Refresher
This class is for second, third, or more-time parents who have had a previous unmedicated birth. In order to attend this class, you must have completed the Birth Center Screening Process by calling Betsy De Leon at 303-425-8443. 


Childbirth Preparation
Wondering how well you will manage labor? Confidence begins here!


Planning to breastfeed? This class will prepare you to meet your breastfeeding goals!


Babies, Baths and Booties
Never changed a diaper or given a baby a both? This class will prepare you for the first weeks at home.
150x90CPRClass Pediatric CPR and Safety
Learn CPR and first aid basics everyone caring for infants and young children should know.

Sibling Safari
Is your child going to be a big brother or sister? Join other children for this session to build their confidence.


Labor Lab
Rehearse and build on the skills you learned in your childbirth preparation class or refresh skills from a previous birth. 

Boot Camp for New Dads
A must for new dads. Learn what to expect from the experts—Dads with young babies.

Parenting: Silver Edition (for Expecting Grandparents) 
Recommended for soon-to-be grandparents to help prepare them, their vehicles and their homes for a new grandbaby.

Connecting Mamas
Join other mothers and their infants at our weekly new mom’s group where we cover the latest information in baby care with current, local experts in their field, share our experiences as new mothers and gain support and confidence in our new role. Call 303-425-BABY for details. 


Breastfeeding Support Group
Caring for a newborn is challenging! Our Breastfeeding Support Groups provide an opportunity to have your questions answered and receive valuable information about feeding and caring for your baby. Call 303-425-BABY for details. 


Parent Support Group
Are you experiencing the “baby blues”? In our Parent Support Group, new parents will develop a support system and gain strength as they begin their journey by connecting with other parents and families while spending time with a trained therapist. Call 303-425-BABY for details.

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