Candid Conversations Series

Candid Conversations is a series of events that provides you access to doctors and other medical experts in our community that will open the dialogue on healthcare topics that are important to you and your family. With three different avenues, ranging from informal happy hours to more formal lectures, there is something for everyone with the Candid Conversation Series.

Take charge of your health and get answers to your questions so you are able to plan the healthcare path that’s right for you and your family with the Candid Conversation Series.

Candid Conversation Lecture Series

This lecture series features three short, twenty minute presentations underneath an umbrella topic, followed by an audience question and answer session. Attendees will enjoy dinner prior to the start of the talks. The lecture series is suitable for attendees 18 years of age and older and is $15 per person.

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Candid Conversation Happy Hours

Happy Hours are a social opportunity for women to convene, connect, and converse about issues important to them. Focusing mostly on the new mom or soon-to-be mom, the Candid Conversation Happy Hour provides access to women’s health providers who are able to answer any and all health questions - no holds barred. Happy Hours will vary by location and are free to attend.

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Candid Conversation Dinners and Other Events

Sit down and share a meal, or build a charcuterie and cheese board, while digging deeper into healthcare topics that are important to you with Candid Conversations Dinners and Other Events. Whether it’s discussing lifestyle and dietary changes to live a healthier life while enjoying cuisine from an upscale Denver area restaurant or learning how to create an awe-inspiring charcuterie and cheese board while chatting about stress and ways to overcome it - these events are for you. Events are suitable for attendees 21+ and location and price will vary based on event.

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The Candid Conversation Series is made possible by the generous support from