Lutheran Medical Center

Professional Practice Model


The Professional Practice Model at Lutheran Medical Center applies to nurses at all levels and care settings. The patient, family and community of Lutheran Medical Center are at the center of the Professional Practice Model. The Care Delivery System is reflected in the concept of Person-centered Care. It is a way of providing care that places patients and their families at the center of decisions and partnering with them on the provision of care. By emphasizing patient and family involvement in creating the health plan, the Person-centered Care approach allows patients to be active participants in their health care. 

  • Patient, Family & Community

Caring is critical in helping people maintain health, promote healing, adapt to stressful experiences, and in supporting a dignified death. We believe self-determination is a fundamental human right. Our understanding of caring is based on Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory.

  • Partners in Care
  • Healing Environment
  • Advocacy & Wellness

Clinical excellence and competence is based on Nightingale Environmental Adaptation Theory which includes the concepts of patient, nurse, environment and health.

  •  Accountability
  •  Quality
  •  Evidence-based Practice

We believe that quality nursing care utilizes research and education to strengthen clinical practice. Quality clinical care is every patient’s right and every team member’s responsibility. 


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