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Nursing Clinical Outcomes

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulers

Our Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers, while low in 2015, remained low in 2016 and, in fact, show a slight-to-moderate improvement. We have maintained our dedication to pressure injury prevention.

CAUTI Reduction

 CAUTI Reduction

With the phenomenal reduction in CAUTI in 2015 compared with 2014, this year we focused more on sustainment of the incredible work. Although the number of infections did increase, the Foley utilization continues to decrease compared to previous years, helping to keep our patients safer. Utilizing the Bladder-scan protocol and removing catheters as soon as appropriate are key to preventing harm .

CLABSI Reduction

 CLABSI Reduction

2016 had a strong focus on CLABSI reduction with great success. After five infections in 2015, there was only one in 2016. This also was a record-setting year, with 236 days since
our last CLABSI at year end! Training nurses on proper central-line dressing maintenance and standardizing our care has proved to be a key to our success this year.

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