Services and Treatments

You’re used to going strong. When pain and injuries slow you down, our specialists can get you back to your active life.

What we offer

As Sports Medicine specialists, we work with patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries include trauma to the nervous system, bones and tissue. It is our goal to create unique treatment plans for each patient and their injury. Our goal is to return you to you activity/sports level post-injury. Our team will work closely with you throughout your treatment and adjust your plan when necessary to achieve optimal results.

Sports physicals

Sports physicals are often required before participation in recreational or organized sports. You will evaluated by an exam to determine if you are able to safely participate in sporting activities. During this exam strengths and weakness will be noted and a recommendation for the appropriate sport(s) may be given.

Personalized home exercise

Many sports injuries may be treated with a personalized home exercise programs for rehabilitation. When we first meet with a patient we will review your medical history and the history of your injury. Next, we will perform a physical evaluation. We make it our mission to sit with each patient and determine a personalized care plan. This individualized treatment plan may include exercises that can be modified to be executed at home.

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