Holy Rosary Healthcare

Visiting Providers

Holy Rosary Healthcare partners with several visiting physicians to provide regularly scheduled clinics in a variety of specialties. These clinics allow patients convenient access to specialists while saving travel time.


Here is the list of visiting providers. View Calendar.




Allergy 406-237-5500 Thomas E Scarborough, MD
Cardiology 406-237-5001    Bart Cox, M.D.          
Dermatology   406-294-9515 Philip Tallman, MD 
Laine Elam, PA-C
ENT - Ear, Nose & Throat    406-238-6161 Sean Demars, MD 
Nephrology 406-237-5770 
Michael Ganz, MD
Adam Rubin, MD
Neurology 406-237-5577 Kristian French, MD 
Erika Duffy, PA
Neurosurgery 406-237-5577 Louis Ross, MD
Trenay Hart, PA 
Oncology / Cancer   406-238-6290 Patrick Cobb, MD 
Marti Lucas, MD 
Pediatric Cardiology 406-238-6190 Andrew Lashus, MD 
Orthotics, Treasure State  406-248-9199 Robert Besel, CPO
Vascular Surgery   406-238-6820 Jeffery Horn, MD
Urology 406-237-5400 Michael Hickman, MD


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