Visiting Providers

Holy Rosary Healthcare partners with several visiting physicians to provide regularly scheduled clinics in a variety of specialties. These clinics allow patients convenient access to specialists while saving travel time.

Here is the list of visiting providers:

Specialty Provider
Allergy 406.237.5500 Thomas E Scarborough, MD
Cardiology 406.237.5001   
Dermatology 406.294.9515  Philip Tallman, MD 
ENT - Ear, Nose & Throat 406.238.6161  Sean Demars, MD 
Nephrology 406.237.8500   Michael Ganz, MD
Neurology 406.237.5577  Kristian French, MD 
  Trenay Hart, PA 
Neurosurgery 406.237.5577  Michael Copeland, MD 
   Trenay Hart, PA 
Oncology/Cancer 406.238.6290  Patrick Cobb, MD 
  Marti Lucas, MD 
Oral Surgery 406.259.7438  Rod Griffeth, DDS 
  Brian Ludwig, DDS 
Pediatric Cardiology 406.238.6190 Andrew Lashus, MD 
Urology 406.237.5400 Joshua Holstead, MD


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