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Visual screening tests

Early detection and treatment may prevent vision loss and eye health issues as your child grows. Screenings can start soon after birth. 

Hearing screenings

Hearing tests are an important part of pediatric well checks, beginning at birth. 

Imaging tests

To diagnose a health problem and decide on the best method of treatment, your pediatrician might recommendimaging tests like:

  • CT scan (computed tomography) scan - Uses a series of X-ray images to create cross-sectional images of your organs and bones. These scans provide greater detail than X-rays.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) - Relies on magnetic fields and radio waves to create images. MRIs do not use radiation and are helpful in viewing bones and tissues clearly.
  • Ultrasound - Uses high-frequency sound waves to look at structures inside the body. These images can show movement of internal organs in real time and are useful during certain guiding procedures such as determining the source of pain like gallstones, kidney stones or an inflamed appendix.
  • X-ray - Involves a form of electromagnetic radiation to create black-and-white images of the inside of the body.

Lab tests

Without symptoms of a specific illness, children generally do not need many laboratory screening tests. However, some common tests that might be run include allergy/immunology, diabetes and endocrinology, genetics, gastrointestinal issues, cancer testing, infectious diseases and some toxicology tests.

Learn more about our lab screenings and diagnostics.

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