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Self-examination for skin cancer

A quick and simple self-examination can alert you to signs of skin cancer and ensure you get treated early.

Conduct a skin self-examination now.

Other signs and symptoms that may indicate skin cancer include a mole or skin mark that:

  • Becomes red or swells at its edges or beyond
  • Doesn't heal (if a sore)
  • Itches or is sore
  • Looks different from your other moles or skin marks
  • Oozes, bleeds or becomes crusty

Support for patients with skin conditions

The American Academy of Dermatology provides resources to support you with your questions on skin, hair, and nail conditions.

  • Video series: Get video tips to manage your skin condition and take care of the largest organ in your body – your skin!
  • If you enjoy finding a community online, we encourage you to join the Academy’s social media platforms of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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