Don't delay getting a mammogram – early detection can save your life.

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While routines are changing, events are being postponed and plans are being canceled, one activity that women age 40 and older should always keep on their schedule is an annual mammogram. With early detection – through mammograms and self-exams – the breast cancer is highly treatable.

Importance of Mammograms

Doctor going over information with patientScreening mammograms are key to early detection. A mammogram can detect a lump in your breast months—even years—before you can feel it. The mammograms offered at Holy Rosary Healthcare are designed to be safe, easy and convenient, performed at our comfortable facility by a caring, knowledgeable staff of mammography professionals.

Screening Process

Young woman getting a mammogramOverseen by an experienced radiologist, screening mammograms are a specific type of breast imaging that uses safe, low-dose x-rays to detect cancer early. By utilizing the highest quality digital mammography equipment we are able to produce high-resolution images that are incredibly clear. They can also be manipulated on screen, giving your radiologist the most detailed views and information available.

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What are the warning signs of breast cancer?

Breast cancer signs include a lump or thickening in the breast or under the arm, a change in the size or shape of the breast, discharge from the nipple or a change in the color or feel of the skin of the breast or areola.

For many women, it's simply easier to not get regular mammograms, and we understand that. For some, it's because they're too busy or unsure if they're even due for a mammogram. Others may be concerned about the discomfort of getting a mammogram or the cost of the procedure. While it may be easier to put it out of mind, we want to encourage you to take this important step for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.

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