Donor Scenarios

Getting Back to the "Art of the Matter"

Paulo Frambini, 45, is a talented artist and a self-proclaimed leader of the art purist movement. He lives, breathes and eats art history and culture. Paulo refuses to be characterized as any one particular type of artist. Full scenario >>

Planning Gifts of Life Insurance — Current, Deferred, Contingent & Split-Interest

Many years ago when Dr. Mimms was just a budding young surgeon and father, he decided to purchase a life insurance policy on his life "just in case." At that time, he had two children and a very large mortgage. Full scenario >>

Public Good IRA Rollover

Ralph Emerson, 68, is a recently retired doctor. Dr. Emerson has accumulated a very large IRA. After 35 years of contributions and tax-free growth, Dr. Emerson's IRA balance has reached $5 million. Full scenario >>

The Prearranged "Stock Holder" Sale

Ken Barker, 65, was a senior level manager for a highly successful mid-sized company. After 35 years of employment with the same company, Ken retired three months ago. Fortunately, Ken planned and saved wisely for his retirement. Full scenario >>

Charitable Contributions of Real Property (but Without the Real Problems) - The LLC Solution

Diane Plant is a real estate broker and a savvy investor. Over the past twenty years, Diane has made a fortune investing in undeveloped commercial property. She generally will seek out and buy land on the outer limits of potentially high growth areas. Full scenario >>

S Corporation Gifts - Strategies and Hurdles Every Advisor Should Know

Tommy Ely, 58, owns and operates eight car dealerships spread throughout the surrounding areas. Founded in 1977, Tommy is the sole shareholder of Ely Motorsports, Inc., an S corporation. Full scenario >>

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