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In The Know: Planned Giving

planned giving Donors support the Foundation’s work in many wonderful and diverse ways. There are big benefits to the donor and our Foundation when the gift includes a little planning. Here are a few basic considerations to keep in mind as you contemplate how to support worthwhile work in our community.
  • Leaving charity in your will is one popular way donors choose to support our health-enhancing work in eastern Montana. You can designate a favorite specific project or service – cancer services, hospice, and children’s health are three of the many possibilities.
  • Naming the Holy Rosary Foundation as a  beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy is a wonderful way to make an impact on important causes in our community.  You can select the project that you want to benefit.  Diabetes care and suicide prevention are just a couple of the many possibilities.
  • Life income gifts allow you to give assets to the Holy Rosary Foundation while providing yourself or others with income for the rest of your life or a desired number of years.  You may make a life income gift by transferring stock, securities, cash, real estate or other property to the Foundation.  It’s a wonderful way to make an impact in our community.
  • Do you live in a home that has increased in value since the purchase? Are you interested in selling, but want to avoid the capital gains tax penalties? A real estate sale to charity puts more money in your pocket and allows you to benefit local charity.  
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity is a wonderful charitable gift that gives the donor an immediate tax deduction, the donor receives payments through his/her life, and the gift is used to benefit local charity projects.
  • A Retained Life Estate charitable gift allows a person to donate his/her home or vacation home to the Holy Rosary Foundation and reserve the right to live in the property for the rest of his/her life while generating a current charitable deduction and ultimate gift to advance vital local charity projects.
  • An IRA is one of the best assets to pass to charity.  The beneficiary of an IRA typically pays considerable taxes – up to 50% and more – based on the value of the IRA at the time of passing.  As a result, an IRA is often a gift an heir doesn’t miss and has the ability to have a profound impact on charity.

For more information about planned giving options or to set up an appointment with Jackie, please call 406-233-4043 or send an email to hrh-foundation@sclhs.net.

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