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Local Woman’s Recent Gift Extra Special

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Miles City business owner and local resident Merry DeAnda has been a loyal Foundation donor for several years. However, her most recent charitable gift in March 2017 held extra special meaning. She made the gift in honor of the physician and team who she credits with saving her life. In spring 2016, Merry was experiencing excruciating pain from a persistent headache. A 25-year veteran in the Army, she presented to the local VA facility and was referred to Holy Rosary Healthcare ER for immediate care. Her memory from that period is very intermittent, and in fact, Merry doesn’t remember much of what happened. What she later learned after a life-flight and several-week stay at a specialty medical center in Colorado was the quick and thorough care offered by the Holy Rosary Healthcare ER physician and care team was exactly the care she needed to support a full recovery and save her life. So when National Dr. Day was approaching in late March, Merry and her husband, Armando, not only wanted to make a gift in honor of those instrumental in her care, she requested if she could meet them face-to-face and personally thank them. Our Foundation office gladly arranged that meeting. And what a very special and moving experience it was. Merry, thanks for sharing your generosity and special experience with the rest of us.

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