Specialized Care for Your Chest and Respiratory System

Breathing issues can take away your ability to participate in and enjoy everyday activities. Our team of specialists can help you breathe better and regain your quality of life.

Team approach to respiratory and chest care

Whether you have a breathing emergency, trauma to your chest or are managing a chronic respiratory condition, our specialists can help. You’ll find respiratory therapists, pulmonary experts and thoracic (chest) doctors in your community who can provide you with relief. The range of lung diseases, breathing conditions and chest problems can extend from asthma or bronchitis to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pulmonary hypertension all the way to lung cancer or a fractured rib. 

Whatever your diagnosis, we are equipped to assess and treat your respiratory concern.

Lung and chest services close to home

Asthma, COPD and other lung conditions can be chronic issues, meaning they persist for a long time or constantly recurring. Some conditions are acute, meaning they arise sudden or occur only one time.

Some respiratory or chest conditions affect more than just your lungs or breathing difficulties. These conditions often involve your chest cavity and can include structural problems like fractures or bruises. At times thoracic care includes surgery, but not always.


Regardless of why you need our help, our specialists can provide you with medication, education and plans to manage your symptoms and enjoy your life.


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Accurate diagnosis of respiratory conditions

Appropriate treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Our team of specialists offers functional, diagnostic and imaging tests to diagnose your condition. Once we know your diagnosis, we can recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Find out more about respiratory screenings.

Effective, comfortable respiratory care

As we work to improve your condition, we’ll focus on two more aspects of care: Making sure you feel better when you go home, and keeping you comfortable while you’re here

Our specialists and team members will work hard to get you back to the life you want to live. We'll make you feel at home during your visit.

Get education about and support for your respiratory condition.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Lung conditions affect everyone differently. Our pulmonary rehabilitation specialists will create apersonalized treatment plan to support your health goals and get you back to what you love.

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