What to Expect - Pregnancy and Baby

They say it takes a village to raise a child. From the first positive pregnancy test to the first time you hold your baby, your team of mom and baby experts will care for you and support you through many other firsts.

Personalized care from beginning to…new beginning

Bringing a child into the world is special and uniquely personal. If you’re thinking about adding another family member or you’re quickly approaching your due date, you have options to make the journey not only truly special, but true to you.

Before you head to the hospital to have your baby, review and fill out a birth plan with your partner. A birth plan summarizes what you want to experience during labor, such as walking around or having the lights dimmed. It also outlines how you wish to manage pain, such as using breathing techniques or getting an epidural.

Not sure where to begin?

What’s a typical prenatal appointment schedule?

What can I expect during labor and delivery?

What happens after my baby’s birth?

What if there are complications during pregnancy or delivery?

If something throws a wrench into an otherwise healthy pregnancy or labor and delivery, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and NICUs will give you and your baby expert care.

Get the facts about high-risk pregnancy?

Learn more about NICUs.

How can fathers and partners get involved?

As a mom, you get to bond with your baby from the get-go—from those first bouts of nausea to the sweet little kicks—but fathers and partners can be involved during pregnancy, labor and delivery, too.

Many hospitals offer Boot Camp for Dads, which is a class taught by new fathers. See if there’s a class near you.

In addition to providing emotional and physical support during labor, fathers and partners can be by your side during a vaginal delivery or gown up and join you in the operating room if you need a cesarean section.

Learn about the signs of labor and what to bring to the hospital.

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