Nutrition Services

The food we eat affects our health in many ways, from maintaining a healthy weight to affecting our risks for medical conditions. Our nutrition team helps people make healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

Our team includes registered dietitians, doctors and nurses who provide nutrition therapy and support to our patients. The dietitians coach patients on nutrition and exercise requirements for their medical conditions.

Nutrition services we offer

We educate and support patients on a number of issues related to nutrition. We teach patients how to:

  • Choose healthy foods
  • Choose the right kinds of food based on medications and allergies
  • Plan and make healthy meals
  • Maintain a healthy diet when eating out
  • Understand food labels

We also help patients understand the important role nutrition plays in managing certain medical conditions.

Medical conditions and nutrition

Some patients may have different dietary needs based on their medical conditions. For example:

  • Patients with high blood pressure or heart conditions may need to maintain a low-sodium diet
  • Patients with kidney disease may need a renal diet, or a diet that limits protein, sodium and fluids
  • Patients with some types of heart disease may need a cardiac diet, or a diet low in cholesterol, fat and sodium

We’ll work with your doctor to create a customized plan for healthy eating. We often help patients manage dietary needs for:

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