Our Team

Our team is built around you. Expect us to care for you as a person while treating your health concerns. Our experts – including doctors and nurses with advanced training, skilled therapists and healthcare professionals – work together to meet your unique needs.

Emergency medicine experts

Here, you’ll be cared for by a highly-qualified team of individuals who specialize in urgent care and emergency medicine. Our doctors are all certified in emergency medicine. Members of our nursing team have special certification in critical care and, in some cases, geriatric care (meaning they’re trained in caring for older adults).

Our team also includes advanced practice providers, nursing assistants, technicians for imaging and lab, pharmacists, housekeepers, and registration and administrative assistants. We also have case managers and other individuals who help you navigate everything from paperwork and billing to your plans to go home.

When you arrive — who's who

During your ER visit, you’ll meet with different people who work together to make you comfortable and get you the care you need – from tests and treatments to prescriptions and take-home instructions. They include:

  • Registration clerk - All our ERs have non-medical staff members who are responsible for getting you checked into our facility. They will ask for basic information such as your name, date of birth, address, reason for visit and insurance information.
  • Triage nurse - Our ER operates as a triage, which means the most seriously ill or injured patients receive priority medical care. A triage nurse assesses the severity of your injury or illness and your pain level and performs a brief physical exam to record your vitals, like blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels. This information is used to determine how urgent your needs are and when the emergency physician will care for you. Again, the most urgent cases are seen first.
  • Emergency care doctors and advanced practice professionals - Once you’re in the treatment area, you’ll have an attending physician, who will be in charge of your emergency care. You might see an advance practice professional, who practices medicine under the direction of a doctor, or a nurse practitioner (NP), who has an advanced degree and training in treating you.
  • Consulting physicians - If needed, your doctor may consult with specialists, doctors with advanced training in a specific area like orthopedics, heart care, surgery, or brain and spine injuries. These specialized doctors help your attending physician make the right medical decisions for your illness or injury.
  • Technicians and technologists - Imaging and lab team members play an essential role in diagnosing your condition so treatment can begin. These care team technicians perform X-rays and CT scans, draw blood and help run other tests your doctor has ordered for you.
  • Pharmacy staff - Pharmacists are responsible for making sure you receive the right medication, at the right dosage, in a timely manner per your doctor’s orders.
  • Discharge staff - When you leave the ER, a team member will review your discharge instructions to make sure you understand how to continue your care at home or seek follow-up care with your doctor.

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