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Multiple Myeloma

Early detection and timely treatment are key to beating or living with cancer. Because every day counts, we help you review and understand your options quickly. Our compassionate care team provides in-depth expertise, and your care team will be with you every step of the way so you can begin treatment within days after cancer is detected.

You can trust us for education and advanced options for screening and detection, especially if you have a risk factor such as smoking. We’re also here for you with next steps after a cancer diagnosis.

Multiple myeloma cancer

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow. It is common among the blood and bone marrow cancers that affect adults. The cancer involves cells in the bone marrow called plasma cells. When these cells become malignant, they grow rapidly and spread to the bones and sometimes cause damage to the kidneys. Patients often present with fatigue and painful bone lesions. 

Diagnosis and treatment

Multiple myeloma is detected by a combination of blood work, urinalysis, and imaging. It also requires a bone marrow biopsy. A bone marrow biopsy is a procedure that will be explained to you by your provider. Once multiple myeloma has been diagnosed, treatment consists of chemotherapy in the form of oral medications and/or medicine given by injection into a vein or the soft tissue just below the skin. In some patients, a type of bone marrow transplant will be recommended. 

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