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There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and taking care of a newborn. Although you’ll pick up a lot of it when the time comes, you can learn and practice now with our prenatal and parenting classes and other resources.


150x90TwoCouplesInLamazeClassPrepared Birth

Wondering how you will manage labor? Confidence begins here!


150x90AfricanAmericanCoupleTalkingThe Baby Place Hospital Tour

Experience the comfortable surroundings where your baby will spend their first hours. 


150x90PregancyCoupleLabor Lab

Everyone knows that labor is hard work! Build on the skills you learned in your childbirth preparation class or refresh your skills from a previous birth.


150x90CPRClassBaby Safe

This class is recommended for anyone living with or caring for infants and young children.



This class is designed for expectant parents who plan to breastfeed their baby.


thumbnail GettyImages 985304932Baby Basics

Never changed a diaper? Given a baby a bath? This class will help you prepare for those first weeks at home. 


150x90LatinoCouplePregnantBaby Makes Three

A research based class about the transition to parenthood and growing a happy family



Bootcamp for New Dads

A must for new dads. Learn what to expect from the experts; Dads with young babies.



Bootcamp for New Moms

A unique parenting workshop with the mission to help every new mom navigate the waters of motherhood with less stress and more confidence.


150x90AsianBabyBreastfeedingBreastfeeding Support Group

Our Breastfeeding Support Group provides an opportunity to get your questions answered and to receive valuable information about breastfeeding your baby.



The Mama Connection

You and your baby are invited to come learn about infant feeding, sleep patterns, newborn development and the many aspects of being a mom from current experts.


thumbnail GettyImages 1317017403

The Mama Connection 2.0

This class is part two of The Mama Connection course for new moms that have gone back to work or have babies six months and older.

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