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Choose one of the following five categories.

Nomination Categories

Criteria: a registered nurse, who is visionary, is innovative in nursing practice and acts as a change agent to improve the nursing culture at Good Samaritan Medical Center (GSMC). This is accomplished through participation in patient care administration, education, and research.

Qualities include:
Contributes to the direction of the environment of care and staff performance.
Demonstrates the ability to lead, influence, and improve outcomes of care for the inpatient or ancillary unit.

Criteria: a registered nurse who exemplifies GSMC core values and service behaviors, demonstrating superior clinical nursing care.

Qualities include:
Demonstrates superior clinical nursing knowledge and expert skills.
Utilizes this knowledge and skill to contribute to the patient experience of high quality nursing care, evidenced by successful outcomes.

Criteria: a registered nurse who contributes to the nursing culture at GSMC through formal nursing education, skills, training, continuing education, or mentoring.

Qualities include:
Mentors through guiding, supporting, and influencing nurses' career development in meaningful and measurable outcomes.
Serves as a preceptor influencing and empowering nurses, contributing to the nursing practice at GSMC.

Criteria: a registered nurse who has practiced for less than one year.

Qualities include:
Possesses professional demeanor, positive attitude, and self-confidence.
Seeks opportunities for advancement of knowledge and skills.
Serves as a patient advocate and actively participates as a team member.

Criteria: a registered nurse who actively participates in community service.

Qualities include:
Reflects the art of nursing through outreach.
Provides nursing care, skills and expertise to influence the well-being and health of the community.
Examples include but are not limited to the AHA Heart Walk, March of Dimes, Race for the Cure, missions, etc.

Nominee Information
Nominator Information

Please include a detailed example to help the awards committee to gain a better understanding of the nominee’s contributions for that category.

The points below serve to guide your narrative but are not required.

How has the nominee excelled in his/her role by contributing to the practice environment to improve patient care and staff satisfaction?

How has the nominee exhibited exceptional clinical competency (skills and knowledge) by contributing to a patient experience of high quality safe nursing care?

How has the nominee contributed to the nursing culture at Good Samaritan Medical Center by influencing staff peers through any of the following examples: formal education, presentations, training and mentoring staff?

How has the nominee exhibited professional demeanor, a positive attitude and been engaged as a novice nurse on your unit in seeking to learn and grow?

How has the nominee promoted and influenced community nursing?

Describe how the nominee demonstrates exceptional organizational skills, manages patient care and/or charge responsibilities.

Provide evidence of the nominee’s effective communication and interactions with other members of the health care team.

Provide examples of any other specific situation or circumstance related to the above role that you believe describes why this nominee should receive the Nursing Excellence Award.

Nominee Support by Manager or Director