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Even though our moms go home early compared to a hospital birth, we don’t just send you home unprepared.  Our postpartum instructions include what to watch for in mom’s and baby’s and who to contact if necessary.

We call you at 24 hours to be sure everything is going well for both mom and baby.  

Then at 48 hours we have our moms and babies come to the birth center so that we can see how everyone is.  We do all the newborn testing that your baby would get in the hospital but in the comfort of our birth center.  We do all the recommended tests such as the infant metabolic screen, the hearing screening and the newest screen for congenital heart defects.  If there are any problems with breastfeeding, we now have an IBCLC lactation consultant, Cindy Kisselman who can help you with any of those pesky breastfeeding issues.  And she remains available to you throughout your nursing career.  


“As a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant I have seen first hand how early support allows a mom’s confidence to soar and her baby to thrive.    — Cindy Kisselman

At 2 weeks, we have our moms and babies return.  We like to call this the bewitching time.  The excitement of a new baby has died down, all the helpful hands have gone home, daddy has returned to work and mom is on her own!  She’s tired and alone and wondering what just happened to her!  We have been there too and know that this is a time to watch for the early signs of postpartum depression.  We know it is real and is something our society doesn’t always recognize as a problem.  Meeting with our moms at this time helps us help anyone who is silently suffering. You are never alone when you  birth at Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center!  We continue to be available to you 24/7…..even after the baby is born.


At 6 weeks, we have mom return for her standard 6 week check.  Let’s make sure you are feeling well, no residual pain or problems.  Do you need a pap smear?  We can do this.  Are you looking for information about family planning?  We can provide you with most all the different types of birth control.  And then the hardest time for us comes…..saying goodby.  We build such close relationships with our couples, that the 6 week check up is a bittersweet affair.  After sharing one of a woman’s most important journey, the time to say goodby has come.  There are hugs, kisses, and sometimes pictures.  But remember, even though your pregnancy care has ended, we are still available to you with our well woman care. And we welcome drop in visits to see how baby has grown. At Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center, we are here for you, for a lifetime!

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