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Are You Looking For A New Provider? Learn Everything You Need to Know About Transferring Care to the Birth Center.

Nikole: We're here this morning with Bloomin' Babies Birth Center to discuss the subject of finding a new provider.

If you are pregnant now and you're looking for a new provider, then we want to tell you some of the reasons why you might consider Bloomin' Babies and how to transfer to Bloomin' Babies, what the cutoff date is, and what you need to know before you come.

Nikole: Why do people choose to transfer to Bloomin' Babies Birth Center?

Bloomin Babies: Well I think it's not just transferring to us, it's a matter of why would a woman choose to transfer at all from any provider. 

There are some thoughts out there that that's just a terrible thing, that once you make that commitment to that provider you just have to stick with them the whole way. It's really not necessary. 

There have been lots of mamas who have gotten part way through their pregnancy and felt like they weren't communicating really well with their provider. 

They were looking for someone or someplace where they felt more comfortable with how things are done or how they're treated and that type of thing. 

There are also other reasons why mamas choose to transfer, like we get several people who are moving, or new to the area. You don't have a choice then. 

It happened to me with my third pregnancy, I had to transfer halfway through, and it is difficult in some ways, especially if you are with someone you really like, to have to do that, but sometimes life happens and you just have to do what you have to do.

I think the important thing is to try to remember that you're the one, this is your pregnancy. It's not anybody else's pregnancy, it's not your provider's pregnancy, so if you don't feel like it is going the way you envisioned, then maybe you need to think about changing providers. 

These are some of the main reasons for mamas to transfer, they just have decided that maybe their philosophy for how they see their pregnancy going is different than what their provider seems to be presenting to them.

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