Test Yourself on Halloween Safety

Halloween can be full of fun and excitement for youngsters, but it’s also a time for trick-or-treaters to be careful. Take this quiz to learn more about this popular holiday and how to make sure your family’s celebration is safe this year.

1. The first popular Halloween candy in America was:
2. Decorative contact lenses are a safe way to create a scary Halloween character.
3. As a homeowner, you should prepare for Halloween by:
4. It’s OK to allow your trick-or-treaters to eat homemade Halloween treats.
5. When creating your child’s costume, which of the following should you keep in mind?
6. Jack o’ lanterns originated in Germany.
7. Props and accessories can add a lot of drama to a Halloween costume. Which of these recommendations should you keep in mind when planning a costume?
8. It’s OK for your kids to trick or treat in neighborhoods other than your own.
9. Which of these is one of the most common types of injury on Halloween?
10. When walking at night on a road without sidewalks, it’s best to walk with the flow of traffic.

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