Test Your Savvy on … Bullying


1. Bullying isn’t just a playground problem—it can be an issue for adults, too. 

True     False

2. Adult bullying can happen in the workplace.

True     False

3. People who are bullied at work are less likely to take sick leave. 

True     False

4. If you feel you are being bullied at work, talk with human resources or the personnel department about the problem.

True     False



1. True. People who bully usually show contempt through verbal abuse. They may also criticize unfairly or humiliate their targets.

2. True. Workplace bullying tactics often include withholding training and information, or suddenly changing expectations for how a task is to be completed.

3. False. They are more likely to take sick leave and also suffer from depression and illness. This is true for all workers who spend time around a bully—even if they are not the targets of bullying.

4. True. Don’t keep the problem to yourself. Talking with a supportive friend can be helpful, too.


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