Cardboard-Roll Snowman

No snow? No problem. You can still build a wintry friend using a leftover cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towels.


  1. Cover the tube with white construction paper. Glue it on with a glue stick.

  2. Use craft glue to stick on black pom-poms for buttons. Also add googly eyes and an orange pom-pom for the nose.

  3. Use a thin black marker to draw on a smile. Make the face as silly—or as serious—as you want!

  4. Poke holes on the sides of the tube with a pin. Get two small twigs from outside or your backyard. Stick them in the pinholes to give your new buddy arms.

  5. Put the snowman on display on a table or mantle. Then think about making him or her some friends!


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