Verify Provider

Please accept our apologies while we transition to our new credentialing software.  The website should be back up and running February 3rd, 2020.  
In the meantime, please direct all verification requests directly to the Medical Staff Office by sending a fax with the provider’s name to the appropriate site.    
Here are the fax numbers to the Medical staff Office at each site:  

Good Samaritan Medical Center    Fax:  303-689-6703
Holy Rosary Healthcare        Fax: 406-233-2611
Lutheran Medical Center      Fax:  303-467-8790
Platte Valley Medical Center     Fax:  303-498-2226
Saint Joseph Hospital    Fax:  303-812-4223
St. James Healthcare or St. Vincent Healthcare   Fax: 406-237-3675
St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center  Fax:  970-298-7560

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