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For ED and Inpatient Admissions or Consults

One Call Transfer Center

Our highly trained RNs will connect you with the appropriate provider for consult or acceptance, handle nurse report, arrange air transportation and manage logistics for a smooth patient experience.

Our hospitals can service almost any patient need. For a list of all service lines and
procedures available at each site please click the link below: 

Hospital Procedural Directory

One Call Transfer Center supports the following locations:

  • St Vincent's Healthcare  St James Healthcare
    o Trauma level 2  o Trauma level 3
    o NICU level 3  o Primary Stroke Center
    o Advanced Thrombectomy o Accredited Chest Pain Center Capable Stroke Center 
      o Accredited Chest Pain Center
    o Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Holy Rosary Healthcare
    o Trauma level 3  
    o Stroke Recognition 

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One Call Transfer Center Leadership:

Bridget Sievers - Director


Dr. Mark Schaefer- Medical Director 

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