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Spinning Babies® Parent Classes

Offered At:

St. James Healthcare
Butte, MT

Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor and allows birth to be more comfortable. After this class, you will better understand how your baby can find optimal positions for labor.  This class is for the expectant parent and their birth partner.  It is ideal to take this class any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  
The Spinning Babies® class is a great addition to the traditional 3 week childbirth series offered at St. James. Spinning Babies® can help you whether this is your first baby or not. These classes offer great hands-on training and will assist you no matter if you plan to have an unmedicated birth or an epidural. Creating space for the baby to rotate and engage allows for optimal positioning and may improve success if planning a vaginal birth after cesarean. The techniques taught in this class have also been shown to help rotate breech and sideways babies without the need for an external cephalic version. 


Dorothy Troutman

Registration Instructions:

Registration is required and we ask that you bring a yoga mat and a large exercise ball.

As a reminder as the class will be held in the hospital you will need to wear a mask during class.



Dates Offered:

10/08/2022 at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
St. James Healthcare 400 S. Clark Street Butte, MT 59701 Maps & Direction
SJB Dorothy Troutman 900x900
Childbirth Educator, Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator, & Certified Doula

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