Inflammation and Diet

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Lutheran Medical Center
Wheat Ridge, CO

Inflammation can be a short term protective process in our bodies.  It’s how are we heal in response to injury or exposure to a harmful substance such as a microbe, plant pollen or chemical.  But chronic inflammation can be harmful.  That’s when the immune system attacks the body’s healthy cells contributing to autoimmune diseases such rheumatoid arthritis.  Chronic inflammation also is believed to play a role in heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.  It may be the grocery store and not the pharmacy that provides the ingredients to combat chronic inflammation.  Come join us as we discuss the power of a healthy diet as well as specific foods that may either reduce your risk of inflammation or accelerate the inflammatory disease process.

Instructor:  Cherie Chao, RDN

Cherie earned her degree from the University of Connecticut and has been doing nutrition counseling since 1981.  She has been the Outpatient Nutritionist and Cardiac Rehab Dietitian at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center since 1996.  She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and has been active in the Sports and Cardiovascular Nutrition Practice Group.  She has completed additional training in adult weight management from the Academy.  She has expertise working with a wide variety of nutrition concerns.  An avid pickle ball player and cyclist, Cherie helps clients with the attitudes and moods that accompany eating habits as well as helping them choose foods that promote the highest level of health. 






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