TNCC Renewal 1-day course

Offered At:

Good Samaritan Medical Center
Lafayette, CO

This 1-day option for TNCC renewal is fast paced and only for those with a current TNCC provider card. Preparation is essential by reading the 7th edition TNCC provider manual and completing several on-line modules and study materials.

Required materials:

7th edition book


  • General Public fee of $150 includes the cost of the book that will be mailed on confirmation of registration.
  • General Pulblic fee of $82 if you bring your own book.
  • SCL Associates - As the facility pays for both the class and the employee’s time, the book ($68 cash or check only) will be their responsibility.

Books are available at the Gift Shop at Good Samaritan.
Books are also available through Sharon Schultz at Lutheran, and Hazel Marez at St Joseph's.

*Traveling nurses NOT employed by SCL Health - register as non-Employee. 




Dates Offered:

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