Key Healthcare Benefits Changes for 2017

  • Tobacco-Use Surcharge Added (Action May Be Required) – To support associates and their families in taking charge of their health and ensuring the medical plans remain affordable for all associates and SCL Health, associates will pay a $50 monthly surcharge if the associate and/or the associate’s adult dependents covered under our medical plans use or have used tobacco in the 6 months prior to completing the Tobacco-Use Status Affidavit. Surcharge Details
  • Working Spouse Surcharge Added (Action May Be Required)– In 2017, if your spouse has access to other medical coverage through his or her own employer, but instead waives that coverage to join an SCL Health medical plan, you will be subject to a $100 monthly working spouse surcharge. By continuing to provide primary healthcare coverage for working spouses, SCL Health is subsidizing other employers’ healthcare costs, which is not our intent. This surcharge is to help absorb the cost for healthcare that SCL Health is incurring instead of your spouse’s employer. Surcharge Details
  • Enhancement to Dental Benefit – Benefit enhancement: Condensed three plans into two, Core and Choice, to offer better network flexibility to all associates. Both plans now offer higher levels of coverage when using the PPO Network. Dental Details
  • Increase to Premiums – Due to the continued increase in the cost of healthcare claims, associate and SCL Health contribution amounts had to increase to cover these costs. Rate Details

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