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Medical plan enrollees: Fill prescriptions under your appropriate health plan:

Cigna Plan members in Montana and Colorado: You are encouraged to fill your prescriptions at a local legacy SCL Health outpatient pharmacy.  You may fill your maintenance medications (30-to-90 day supplies) one time at a retail pharmacy.  All other maintenance medications must be filled at a legacy SCL Health outpatient pharmacy location or through the Mail Order Pharmacy Services at Good Samaritan Medical Center.  See additional information in the Maintenance Medication section below.

Cigna Plan members in Kansas or remote locations:  You may fill your prescriptions at a local retail pharmacy.  For maintenance medications, you must use the Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. Details are outlined in the Remote Medical Plan section below.

Kaiser Permanente Plan members:  You may fill your prescriptions at a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy or at St. Joseph Hospital.  Details are included in the Maintenance Medication section below. 

Helpful documents:

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