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Working Spouse Surcharge

Why does Intermountain Health Peaks region have a Working Spouse surcharge?

Intermountain Health encourages caregivers and their working spouses to evaluate all medical plan options before enrolling in Intermountain’s plan to ensure they are enrolling in the most affordable plan available to them. If your spouse has access to medical coverage through his or her employer, but waives that coverage and instead enrolls in an Intermountain Health medical plan, a $100 monthly surcharge will apply. This surcharge will be collected on a pre-tax basis through payroll deductions.

The surcharge will not apply if your spouse:

  • Only has access to employer-provided medical coverage with an annual in-network out-of-pocket maximum greater than $5,500 for employee-only coverage and $11,000 if covering dependents; or
  • Is enrolled in his or her employer’s plan and an Intermountain Health plan as secondary coverage; or
  • Is enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or Tribal health insurance as his or her only other coverage; or
  • Is an Intermountain Health benefits-eligible caregiver. 

Action Required

  • If you cover your spouse on your Intermountain Health medical plan, you must certify that your spouse does not have access to other coverage through his or her own employer to avoid the $100 monthly working spouse surcharge in Workday.
  • Moving forward, you will be required to re-certify each year that your spouse does not have access to other coverage through his or her own employer.
  • If your spouse gains or loses employer coverage mid-year, you must re-submit the Working Spouse Affidavit through Workday so the surcharge can be adjusted as necessary.

For more details, you can also speak with an AskHR representative from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT by phone at 833-442-7547. 

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